Custom Arrangements

Ever really wanted to sing a song with your ensemble, but can’t find an arrangement of it that suits your group’s membership, ability or musical style? Do you have an arrangement, but wish it were different in some ways and don’t know how to change it? Are you just looking for a new exciting number? You’re at the right place! With Strikeforce Kaiserman custom arrangements, you can get any song you like arranged for your group exactly how you want it, and get an arrangement which is technically tight, excitingly unique, and most of all, fun – and if you’re not entirely satisfied, we’ll make any changes for free!

Alternatively, if you are looking for new material for your group but have no particular song in mind, why not browse the growing library of existing arrangements, available for a reduced price.

How to order

If you have a particular song you want to sing, Strikeforce Kaiserman custom arrangements are for you. Simply email with following information:

  • Your name and contact details
  • The song you would like arranged
  • The number and types of parts you want it arranged for – e.g. “4 parts, Bass, Baritone, Lead, Tenor” or “7 parts, Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Alto 1, Alto 2, Soprano, Female Solo”
  • The type of group you want it arranged for, if any, with as much information as possible about style and ability of members
  • Any ideas or requests you have for the arrangement, of any kind, that you would like to be included. All requests will be incorporated, however vague or specific

You’ll then get a reply with an estimate for how long it will take for your arrangement to be completed and how much it will cost. Prices will vary, but as a guide, a standard, 3-minute, 4-part arrangement will cost around £100. Then simply confirm you’re happy with the terms, and PDFs of your arrangement and an invoice will be emailed to you within the time agreed (unless hard copies are required)! And remember – if there is anything you’re not happy with, we’ll make any small changes (within reason!) for free.

We can also do alterations of existing arrangements – if you have an arrangement of a song which you want changed in some way (addition of an introduction/tag/extra verse/ending, re-voicing for different combinations of parts or making something easier/more exciting/better). Follow the same instructions as above BUT remember you may need to seek the permission of the original arranger first.


And finally…

Why not order teach tracks to go with your custom arrangement? Guaranteed to speed up the learning process! Nice. Find out more by contacting us!



Arrangements are sold to the group which requests it and to that group only. If you would like to sing a purchased arrangement with a different group, you must purchase a new copy of the arrangement

Material Under Copyright

If an arrangement you’re ordering includes a song written by a composer who is either still alive, or who died under 50 years ago, the song will NOT be in the public domain, and the copyright owner of the song MUST be contacted and permission sought from them to perform the arrangement. There may be a charge for this. For more details, and for information on how to locate the copyright owners of a song, go to


Please do not transcribe, modify or re-voice these arrangements. Feel free, however, to contact us in this regard.